Admission Requirements

Applications for enrollment this September are now closed. Information about the application and admission’s requirements for the academic year 2018/2019 will be published here in autumn 2017.

The enrollment into the program is only once a year, with a start in September.

1/ Bachelor’s degree

The program is designed for students from all over the world who have completed their bachelor’s education (any study field) or who will finish it by the end of August before the start of the respective academic year. Previous education in international relations, political science, history, law, economy, sociology, public policy, public administration, or other social sciences or humanities can be an advantage, but is not necessary. We encourage students from other bachelor’s programs to apply as well.

How to prove your bachelor’s degree:

Applicants who have not finished their bachelor’s education by the date of the admission exam must do so by the end of August before the start of each academic year; they shall provide all required documents not later than on the first day of the winter semester.

2/ Proficiency in English language

Proficiency in English language can be proved by:

3/ Admission exam (long-distance via e-mail) – 5 May, 2017

  1. Written part
    • An essay in English on a given international relations issue (students that indicated “General Track” on a required Enclosure G) OR international environmental politics issue (students that indicated “Green Track” on a required Enclosure G), 1 200 words (in general, it will correspond to the level of bachelor’s knowledge at the University of Economics, Prague; applicants are e-mailed a theme for an essay on the day of the long-distance exam, and have to complete it an allotted time and e-mail it back) – Recommended readings for international relations issue to prepare for the exam.
    • Max. 100 points (min. 50 points)
  2. Aptitude for study

    • combination of applicant’s CV (Europass), Transcript of Records, and a Letter of Reference (mandatory enclosures B, D, E to the application)
    • Criteria for evaluation: learning and personality traits assessed on the basis of the CV and a letter of reference, learning outcomes achieved, composition of current/past university study with regards to field/interest of International and Diplomatic Studies.
    • Max. 50 points (min. 25 points)

4/ Application fee

EUR 50 – paid according to e-Application form instructions, e-mail individually to every applicant, and by the deadline of the application.

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