Elective Tracks

Students may choose from two elective tracks for their Minor Field (during the 3rd semester of study) in International and Diplomatic Studies:

1. General Track - Analysis of International Relations 2. Green Track - Environmental Policy in International Relations
  • Minor Field: Environmental Policy in International Relations (preliminary information in pdf.)
  • Form: Specialized courses – 3rd semester at the University of Economics, Prague
  • Master Thesis on Environmental Issues


Analysis of International Relations

The Minor Specialization in “Analysis of International Relations” – 2IR, takes a form of  a mandatory semester abroad at our partner university. Students do not pay extra on top of their regular tuition fee for this semester. Students also receive partial financial assistance (NAEP’s published financial assistance for EU countries) for living expenses while at a partner university. The application process for semester abroad starts towards the end of the 1st semester of the program; students stay abroad in the 3rd semester.

To graduate with this Minor Specialization means:

Environmental Policy in International Relations

The minor specialization “Environmental Policy and International Relations” is designed for students interested in economic and political aspects of environmental protection and sustainable development both in the international and national context. The minor specialization is also a part of a specialized elective track studied within the Master’s program of International and Diplomatic Studies.

Study courses within this minor specialization offer insights from environmental economics and policy, sustainable management of natural resources and energy, international legal aspects in environmental protection, environmental conflict resolution, including negotiations, and multi-criteria analysis of environmental quality for international comparisons.

Requirements for graduation (each course is worth 6 ECTS; total 30 ECTS):

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