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Students may choose from two elective tracks for their Minor Field (during the 3rd semester of study) in International and Diplomatic Studies. If a General Track – Analysis of International Relations is selected, students in their 3rd semester are sent for a mandatory semester abroad to be hosted by a partner university (France, Germany, Mexico, Korea, Poland, Russia,Turkey, USA, etc.). Students do not pay extra on top of their regular tuition fee for this semester. Students also receive partial financial assistance for living expenses while at a partner university.

The program provides training involving theoretical and practical knowledge in international relations with a multidisciplinary approach. This emphasis on multidisciplinarity combines historical depth with the complexity of political and economic spheres, and diplomatic practice.Prague Castle

A large offer of optional courses and a mandatory semester abroad (3rd semester) enable students to adopt a specific profile. During their study abroad, students have to elaborate their own project (Individual Project). These various specialties offer them a possibility to start their professional life right out of the master’s, with a concrete and useful professional knowledge in international relations. In addition, the university offers to students wishing to pursue a doctoral program with lectures adapted for research training in the international relations discipline.

The key advantage of this program is to immediately immerse students in the international environment through the presence of high level teachers having studied in foreign universities, and by offering the possibility to study abroad (France, Germany, Mexico, Korea, Poland, Russia, Turkey, USA, etc.). The international environment is a tremendous asset to research internships and jobs.

The program prepares for professional and/or academic careers. The major opportunities for its graduates are:

  • career diplomacy at ministries of foreign affairs, ministries of defence or other;
  • high-level international expertise in government or civil service;
  • high-level expertise in European or international institutions and organizations;
  • work in the UN or its agencies;
  • cooperation with NGOs dealing with international issues (development, environment, etc.);
  • research in academic or study centres dealing with IR;
  • work in international services companies (banks, consulting firms, law firms, media, etc.).

The master’s degree in International and Diplomatic Studies is a Czech national degree awarded by the University of Economics, Prague. Graduates are entitled to use the title Ing. according to Czech legislation. The diploma earned is in a Master’s Degree Program –> International Economic Relations; Study Field –> International and Diplomatic Studies.