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Recommended Study Programme of International and Diplomatic Studies:

  • load – load per week (lectures and seminars consist of 2 units (90 minutes), one unit of a class is 45 minutes long)
  • ECTS – European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. For successfully completed studies, ECTS credits are awarded.
Compulsory courses (hP) – total 51 ECTS credits
Optional courses (hV) - total 24 ECTS credits
Minor specialization (sV, sP) – total 30 ECTS credits
Final state exams (sSZ, hSZ1, fSZ) – total 15 ECTS credits


1st Semester (fall/winter)
load ECTS Group
Lecture Seminar
2SE601 International Economic Relations 4 2 9 hP
2SM602 Great Powers in International Relations 2 2 6 hP
2SM603 Europe in International Relations 2 2 6 hP
2PL604 Comparative Politics 2 2 6 hP
2SM605 International Law in IR 2 2 6 hP
Total 12 10 33


2nd Semester (spring/summer)
load ECTS Group
Lecture Seminar
2SM606 Foreign Policy Making and Analysis 2 2 6 hP
2SM607 Theories of International Relations 2 2 6 hP
2SM608 Globalization in International Relations 2 2 6 hP
Optional Courses* (2nd or 4th sem, or both) 12 hV
2SM613 Minor Specialization – Research Seminar 0 2 3 sV
Total 6 8 33


3rd Semester (fall/winter)
load ECTS Group
Lecture Seminar
Minor Specialization – Courses studied during semester abroad, total worth of 24 ECTS 24 sV
Minor Specialization – Diploma Seminar 0 2 3 sP
Total - - 27


4th Semester (spring/summer)
load ECTS Group
Lecture Seminar
Optional Courses* (2nd or 4th sem, or both) 12 hV
Defence of the Master’s Thesis (State exam DIP_D) 6 fSZ
Minor Field State Exam (State exam 2IR) 3 sSZ
Final State Exam (State exam MDS) 6 hSZ1
Total - - 27

*List of optional courses (hV and some sV) – offer in a respective semester varies:

2PL614 Lobbying in Modern Democracy 6 hV
2PL658 Political Communication and Political Marketing 6 hV
2SM425 Contemporary International Negotiation Practice /intensive/ 3 hV
2SM431 Language and Diplomacy /intensive/ 3 hV
2SM433 Diplomacy in International Relations 3 hV
2SM441 Economic Diplomacy Practice: Multilateral Economic Negotiations /intensive/ 3 hV
2SM443 Quantitative methods in International Relations 6 hV
2SM442 Globalized International Relations /intensive/ 3 hV
2SM610 Asia in International Relations  6 hV
2SM618 Contemporary Diplomatic Practice  6 hV
2SM630 The EU as an Actor in International Relations 6 hV
2SM631 Introduction to Development Studies 6 hV
2SM634 Iran in the International System: Past and Present /intensive/ 3 hV
2SM636 International Security Relations after the End of the Cold War 6 hV
2SM639 Diplomacy of the EU /intensive/ 3 hV
2SM640 Contested Boundaries in the Middle East and North Africa /intensive/ 3 hV
2SM658 China in International Politics and Diplomacy 6 hV


During each semester, there is a possibility of an extra-semestral course, usually in the group sV. These courses are intensive, they run for couple days, not during the whole 13 weeks of a respective semester. To register for such courses – use your InSIS — My Study — Student’s Portal — choose Registration/Enrollment —

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