27.6.2018 11:00 - Graduation Ceremony

17.9.2018 - Classes start

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Acceptance & Enrollment

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The enrollment into the program is only once a year, with a start in September. Applications for the respective academic year are usually due by the end of April.

Only complete applications with the required enclosures will be considered.

The final admission results are determined by the total number of points earned on the admission exam. The final number of applicants admitted depends upon the university’s available capacity.

A Confirmation of successful completion of the admission exam will be sent to applicants by e-mail/regular post within couple weeks following the admission exam. This confirmation can be used for the application for a long-term study visa or a temporary stay permit in the Czech Republic.

The university cannot help students with the visa procedure. Students can use services of specialized agencies of their choice. Relevant information is also available on the website of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A final Letter of Admission will follow as soon as possible after we have received:

  • a legalized copy of the certificate (of recognition) of your previous higher education, and
  • a payment of the tuition fee for the first semester.

Mandatory registration and the Orientation Week for new students that start study in September 2018 will be on Monday, one week before the classes start.

Students admitted into the program have to participate personally in the matriculation process. Matriculation usually takes place one week before start of a semester, and before commencing studies. Students who do not undertake this process lose the right to study in the program (Section 51, Act No. 111/1998).

IDS Orientation Week starts with a mandatory registration and a mandatory immatriculation, followed by a week-long Orientation Week. Lectures start a week after.

Each academic year starts with an orientation week that includes an opening reception where you can meet the IDS staff and classmates in an informal environment.

During the orientation week there are introductory classes about Czech history and elementary Czech. These classes are offered primarily for two reasons. First, a student will better understand recent development in the Czech Republic after being introduced to its history. Second, every student living in a foreign country will at some point need to ask directions, order food or simply say hello. The language classes will introduce the student to the Czech language and ease the transition into Prague life through basic phrases. Every student will receive exact dates and orientation week’s program before the start of a semester.

Orientation WeekIDS Orientation Week starts with a mandatory registration and a mandatory immatriculation, followed by a week-long Orientation Week. Lectures start a week after. If you have questions, please contact the Program Coordinator.

What to bring:

  • ID card (passport or citizen’s ID)
  • proof of the tution payment
  • diploma (if foreign earned diploma, then also a nostrification decision)  or official confirmation of succesful completion of the final state examination in bachelor’s degree

Those that will fail to prove themselves with the required and missing documents, will not be matriculated as students and will not be enrolled into the IDS program!

Documents for the Orientation Week: