27.6.2018 11:00 - Graduation Ceremony

17.9.2018 - Classes start

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Conference “Strengthening Democracy in Uncertain Times” (FORUM 2000)

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Students may participate at the FORUM 2000 Conference “Strengthening Democracy in Uncertain Times”, which will take place on 8-10 October, 2017 in Prague.

The democratic world seems to be at a crossroads. Trust in institutions is declining. Belief in democracy and the willingness to embrace democracy are weakening. Democratic processes around the world suddenly – and quite paradoxically – seem to be turning against the very foundations of democracy. Traditional liberal ideas are losing self-confidence in the global competition. Has democracy, as we know it, expired? Is it in transition? To what? Are we facing a systemic change? Has democracy become distorted, is it out of control? Has it not been able to reflect the changes in the society and the technological developments?

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