27.6.2018 11:00 - Graduation Ceremony

17.9.2018 - Classes start

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Analysis of International Relations

The Minor Specialization in “Analysis of International Relations” – 2IR, takes a form of  an optional semester abroad at our partner university. Students do not pay extra on top of their regular tuition fee for this semester. Students also receive partial financial assistance (NAEP’s published financial assistance for EU countries) for living expenses while at a partner university. The application process for semester abroad starts towards the end of the 1st semester of the program; students stay abroad in the 3rd semester.

To graduate with this Minor Specialization means:

  • To complete courses at a partner university, within the field of International Relations, corresponding to a minimum of 24 ECTS credits; simultaneously, to complete the long-distance Diploma seminar (3 ECTS credits) at VŠE;
  • To complete a Research Paper (different than a Master’s Thesis), agreed upon in the 2nd semester (i.e. before going to the partner university), during the Research seminar (3 ECTS credits);
  • To take the Minor Specialization State Exam (3 ECTS credits), in the form of defence of the Research Paper (The State Exam is a comprehensive assessment of the minor specialization where the RP reviews are taken into account, performance at defense, and results from the semester abroad.)