Financial Info

Tuition Fees

EUR 3,600 per academic year (EUR 1,800 per semester) for all (EU and non-EU) students.

The tuition fee must be paid before the start of each relevant semester. The University of Economics, Prague reserves the right to request a payment of the tuition fee for the first semester before issuing a final Letter of admission.

Students do not pay extra on top of their regular tuition fee for the optional semester abroad (3rd semester) at a partner university. Students also receive partial financial assistance for living expenses while at a partner university.

Bank Details

Bank account of the University of Economics, Prague, for IDS program tution fee payments:Bank: Česká spořitelna, a.s., Praha (Czech Savings Bank, Prague)
Street: Olbrachtova 1929/62
City: 140 00 Praha 4
Country: Czech Republic


Account Nr: 1828862/0800

Account Holder: University of Economics, Prague

IBAN: CZ92 0800 0000 0000 0182 8862


  • Variable Symbol: 200010 (This code is very important for recognition of the payment)
  • Note for receiver: 200010 + Last name + First name OF THE STUDENT (please do not write any other information)

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

The IDS program does not offer any scholarships (apart from merit-based scholarships and a possible one-time financial award, if graduating with a diploma with honours), nor financial assistance. Students could apply for other financial grants outside of the University of Economics, Prague, such as a Visegrad Fund.

Each academic year the Dean of the Faculty announces a Provision 6/2016 (only in Czech) with requirements to be awarded a merit-based scholarship, to be paid out monthly starting the 3rd semester, for all students at the Faculty of International Relations. To be awarded a merit-based scholarship, students must achieve a minimum of required credits during their first academic year, that is in their 1st and 2nd semesters combined, and a required GPA. Both the required credits and the GPA change every academic year.

If a student graduates with a diploma with honours, he/she might be awarded a one-time scholarship, the amount of which is defined in the Dean’s Provision. A diploma with honours is obtained only if:

Visegrad Fund Scholarship

Eligible students can apply for the Visegrad Fund Scholarship. Applying for the Visegrad Scholarship Program is pos­si­ble only through the on-line appli­ca­tion sys­tem. The sys­tem opens approx­i­mately 2 months prior to the dead­line, usu­ally at the begin­ning of December. Check if you are eligible and apply for the scholarship before the deadline (the latest postmarked date of submitting your application). Please note, that your application for the Visegrad Fund Scholarship has to include a proof of your appli­ca­tion to the IDS program or a pre­lim­i­nary accep­tance let­ter. You should start applying to the IDS soon.

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