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VŠE Facilities and Services

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Computers, InternetComputers

Computer labs (ISC Study Room – computers with an English menu) are available for international students (with printers and copiers). There is free access to Wi-Fi at the university campus if you use your own laptop. A Study Centre and Internet access are available in the dormitory, too.

Counseling – Academic and Psychological

Academic and psychological counseling is part of the Department of Psychology and Sociology of the Faculty of Business Administration. It is available for all University of Economis, Prague, students. Head of the department is doc. Dr. Eva Bedrnová., PhD.

Schools’ councelours/therapists for students with a wide variety of personal and/or professional difficulties that speak English:

  • doc. PhDr. Daniela Pauknerová, Ph.D. - daniela.pauknerova (at); doc.
  • PhDr. Ing. Eva Jarošová, Ph.D. - eva.jarosova2 (at)

DormitoryDormitory Entrance

Housing is organized by each student by contacting directly the dormitory department >>>

Language courses (cVM)

At the beginning of your study, you are granted extra 24 ECTS to retake failed courses and/or take voluntary courses that are not part of your study plan and which do not count towards your 120 ECTS required for a graduate degree. These are also language courses, that the IDS students can take as a benefit of being part of the Faculty of International Relations. Most of these courses are taught in Czech, unless it says “for foreigners”. Therefore, unless you speak Czech, we suggest you select a language course that is at least “intermediate”, where the lack of Czech won’t be so significant. You can also consult the lecturers (and to learn more about a course) from the respective course syllabus.


Students can eat in canteens at the university campus and at the Jarov dormitory for student (lower) prices. There are also other meal opportunities (cafeterias, academic club).

Mentorship: Buddy system

logo_BSThe ESN VŠE Praha Buddy System is an Erasmus Student Network organization which facilitates the student and social life of foreign students in the Czech Republic. Students from abroad are offered a possibility to pair up with a Czech student who will help them to settle more easily into the new environment. The organization helps before arrival and during the stay, especially during the first few days. Foreign students are accompanied from the airport or the train/bus station to the dormitory, and are provided with basic orientation in the city and school, assisted with school and other formalities (school ID card, public transport pass, etc.) During the whole academic year, Buddy System organizes trips, meetings, parties and other activities for students.

For more information, check also Student Activities and Services.

Sport and Fitness

Centre for Physical Education and Sports (CTVS – Centrum tělesné výchovy a sportu), at the University of Economics, Prague, offers sport courses for English speaking students.

Student statusStudents

Students of the IDS program obtain a student ID card which allows them to use the facilities and services offered by the university, i.e. library, computer laboratory, WiFi connection, canteen, etc. They also benefit from other student advantages, e.g. public transport student tariffs, and other reductions provided by public or private institutions.