27.6.2018 11:00 - Graduation Ceremony

17.9.2018 - Classes start

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Library & Sources

LibraryThe university’s library (CIKS) is open for students, subject to a simple registration procedure. It provides books, documents, as well as access to electronic sources (journals, encyclopedias, databases, etc.), all of which can be searched and accessed at:

On behalf of IDS, the library provides access to all IDS students to the books acquired for the IDS students. To borrow such a book, you need to come in person to the pick-up desk that is located on your left side, rigth before the entrance into the reading room, announce yourself as an IDS student, your name will be checked against the namelist, and a book lent to you.

Library Entrance

These books are not to be found through a regular library’s catalogue system, as they are reserved only for IDS students. Instead they are listed at:

Other libraries in Prague, relevant and accessible for international students, are:

Google provides a large, searchable database of academic texts (articles, papers, books) through Google Scholar: