Full-time programs taught in English in Prague

International and Diplomatic Studies (IDS) are full-time Bachelor (three-year), Master (two-year), and PhD (four-year) programs taught in English at the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE), Czech Republic.

They cover the fields of international politics and foreign policy, international economy, international and diplomatic law, comparative politics, as well as diplomatic history, theory and practice.

  • Full-time programs taught in English in Prague
  • Full-time programs taught in English in Prague
  • Full-time programs taught in English in Prague

Bachelor’s IDS Key Facts

The program will prepare you for the area of international relations and provide you with theoretical and methodological knowledge, as well as extensive language skills.

The program is designed so that you acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the current international practice. The study of International Relations is connected with extensive education in Economics and complemented by the knowledge of Law, Statistics and Mathematics. The education lays special emphasis on the interconnection of knowledge in political, economic, international law, security, cultural and other areas.

Master’s IDS Key Facts

The aim of the follow-up master’s programme in International and Diplomatic Studies is to produce highly specialized professionals in the fields of international politics and foreign policy with special emphasis on external economic relations, and to provide them with advanced theoretical knowledge of international relations, advanced knowledge of international and diplomatic law, and strategic decision-making in foreign service or public diplomacy on international level. The core values of the program are: comprehensive understanding of the subject, integrity of theory and practice, emphasis on ethical and environmental dimension of decision-making, and respect for the multicultural aspects of the international environment.

Ing. Jan M. Rolenc, Ph.D.

Academic Director

Ing. Eva Grebe

Program Coordinator

Our Alumni

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