Courses & Study Plan

Students of the IDS Master’s Degree are studying under a “C-ID” study plan and need to obtain 120 ECTS total to earn their degree. The letters in the brackets denominate a structure of courses, compulsory, elective, exams:

  1. 47 credits  in compulsory courses (hP)

  2. 15 credits in elective courses (hV1) – read more below

  3. 18 credits in elective courses (hV)

  4. 30 credits in Minor Specialization (sP + sV)

  5. 3 credits by taking the Minor Field Comprehensive Exam

  6. 6 credits by writing and defending the Master’s Thesis (ODP)

  7. 6 credits by taking the Final State Exam in International and Diplomatic Studies (MDS)

Elective courses hV1 – choice and schedule

Available in Winter semester 2020/2021 and each following Winter semester:

  • 2SM443 Contemporary International Relations: A Quantitative Perspective
  • 2SM450 Global South in International Relations
  • 2SM451 Diplomacy of Non-State Actors in Contemporary International Relations

Available in Summer semester 2021/2022 (i.e. 2nd year, 4th semester!) and each following Summer semester:

  • 2SM452 Current Issues and Trends in Diplomacy
  • 2SM453 EU and the World
  • 2SM455 Comparative Politics