Courses & Study Plan

Students of the master’s IDS program are obliged to meet following study requirements:

1. Complete 47 credits in compulsory courses (hP)
2. Complete 10 credits in elective courses (hV1)
3. Complete 18 credits in elective courses (hV)
4. Complete 30 credits in Minor Specialization (sP + sV)
5. Get 3 credits by taking the Minor Field State Exam
6. Get 6 credits by writing and defending the Master’s Thesis
7. Get 6 credits by taking the Final State Exam

Courses by the semester:

1st semester:

  • International Economic Relations
  • Global Power Politics
  • Europe in International Relations
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Law in International Relations

2nd semester:

  • Foreign Policy Making and Analysis
  • Theories of International Relations
  • Globalization in International Relations
  • + two of the elective courses (see below)

3rd semester:

  • Diploma Thesis Seminar
  • minor specialization courses
  • and/or elective courses (depending on the study progress)

4th semester:

  • minor specialization courses
  • and/or elective courses (depending on the study progress)

Elective courses (hV) – note that not all courses are offered each semester:

Courses for Spring 2019 in bold

  • Africa in International Relations
  • 2SM610 Asia in International Relations
  • Central and Eastern Europe in International Politics
  • 2SM642 Concepts, Themes and Contemporary Realities of International Migration
  • 2SM618 Contemporary Diplomatic Practice
  • 2SM425 Contemporary International Negotiation Practice
  • Contemporary International Relations: A Quantitative Perspective
  • Contested Boundaries in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Current Issues and Trends in Diplomacy
  • Diplomacy of Non-State Actors in Contemporary International Relations
  • Diplomacy of the EU
  • Diplomatic and Consular Law
  • Diplomatic Protocol and Documents
  • Ecomonics of European Integration
  • Economic Diplomacy
  • Economic Diplomacy Practice: Multilateral Economic Negotiations
  • Economic Integration of Central Europe to the EU
  • Ethnic Conflicts and Terrorism in Contemporary International Relations
  • EU and the World
  • EU as an actor in international relations
  • European Sustainable Development Policy
  • 2SM642 Geopolitics of Energy in the 21st Century
  • Global South in International Relations
  • 2SM442 Globalised International Relations
  • History of Diplomacy
  • 2SM658 China in International Politics and Diplomacy
  • Chinese Economy – for exchange students
  • International Security Relations after the End of the Cold War
  • Introduction to development studies
  • Iran in the International System: Past and Present
  • Islamic region in International Relations
  • 2SM431 Language and Diplomacy
  • Latin America in International Relations
  • 2PL614 Lobbying in Modern Democracy
  • Political Communication and Political Marketing
  • Preventive Diplomacy
  • Sociology of International Relations

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