Master’s Program

E-Applications are opened – select “C-ID International and Diplomatic Studies”, fill in all required information and upload all mandatory documents. The application is complete only once all parts of the e-Application are fulfilled.

Tuition Fee

1.900 EUR/semester (3.800 EUR/academic year)

How to Apply (everything needs to be submitted by April 30, 2020) 

  1. e-Application  (“C-ID International and Diplomatic Studies”)
  2. Verified photocopy of an English certificate (or officially notarized copy of the transcript of records confirming completion of study of at least a bachelor’s study programme taught in English. Proof of language proficiency in English is not required from native speakers of English)
  3. Structured CV in English with a photo and a signature
  4. Cover Letter (Letter of Motivation)
  5. Copy of the passport
  6. Current Transcript of Records (or temporary Transcript of Records, if still studying)
  7. Recommendation LetterLetter of Reference
  8. Application fee (paid based on instructions received upon filling in an online e-Application)

Admission Requirements

Bachelor’s degree

The programme is designed for students from all over the world who have completed their bachelor’s education (any study field) or who will finish it by the end of August before the start of the respective academic year.

How to prove your bachelor’s degree:

  • Proper completion of a bachelor’s degree programme at least, which is verified immediately prior to the admission exam, or on the day of enrollment at the latest. Candidates shall prove this by submitting an officially notarized copy of the university diploma and, if necessary, its officially certified translation into Czech or English. A document proving general recognition of the equivalence or validity of a foreign document concerning receiving university-level education in the Czech Republic (nostrification clause) is required only when the Faculty of International Relations expresses doubts about the sufficient level, scope, or content of the previous foreign education of an applicant, and the applicant will be asked to present the nostrification clause.

Admission exam (long-distance via e-mail)

Written part:

  • an ESSAY in English given distantly and processed electronically on a given topic related to international relations, which verifies the applicant’s ability to orient themselves in the given subject at the level of bachelor’s degree knowledge, to structure their ideas and to make relevant conclusions. The length of the essay is 2,200 words;
  • Max. 100 points (min. 50 points).

Aptitude for study:

  • a structured CURRICULUM VITAE, a statement of current study results of tertiary education (TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS), a LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION in the form of an academic or work reference, and a LETTER OF MOTIVATION in English. The criteria for assessment are study and personality assumptions based on the curriculum vitae and the recommendation and motivation letters, learning outcomes achieved and the composition of the previous studies with regard to the focus of the specific programme;
  • Max. 50 points (min. 25 points).

Proficiency in English language

Proficiency in English language can be proved by:

  • TOEFL (at least PBT: 567, CBT: 227, IBT: 87); [4-digit TOEFL institution code is 5959];
  • IELTS 5.5 – 6.5 (Academic);
  • Cambridge English B2 First/FCE;
  • another internationally accepted English certificate corresponding to the “B2” level of the CEFR;
    officially notarized copy of the transcript of records confirming completion of study of at least a bachelor’s study programme taught in English.
  • Proof of language proficiency in English is not required from native speakers of English

Application fee

Once the application has been filled in, the applicant will receive (to their e-mail address they provide) instructions about the account number and variable symbol that they need to use to pay the fee for the admission procedure; the 50 EUR fee can be paid according to these instructions, or directly in the e-application system via a credit card. An application is considered as filed when it is filled in properly and the application fee in the required amount, according to the emailed instructions, is paid and properly received at the university’s respective account.

Acceptance & Enrollment

Conditions of acceptance

A condition for admission to study in a follow-up master’s programme is to complete education in at least a bachelor’s degree programme. In addition, a condition for admission to study is proof of English language knowledge and the successful passing of an entrance exam consisting of a professional part and an assessment of aptitude for study. Only such candidates who meet the point limit declared by the Dean for the total point count, and who obtain at least 50% of points from the professional part and, at the same time, at least 50% of points from the assessment of aptitude for study, will be admitted.

Decision on admission

Admission will be determined by the order of the candidates who have met the admission conditions, and by their total points from all required exams/tests, which will be organized by order. According to this order, such number of applicants will be accepted given the capacity of the faculty and the University of Economics, Prague. In the event that the applicants who have been admitted do not use their right to enrol into studies (Section 51 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll.), candidates who show interest in the additional admission by filing an appeal against the non-acceptance decision can be admitted to these vacancies. In this case, the criteria will be the order of the total points earned, fulfilment of the conditions of admission and the appeal against the non-acceptance decision.

Confirmation of successful completion of the admission exam will be sent to applicants by e-mail and post within couple weeks following the admission exam. This confirmation can be used for the application for a long-term study visa or a temporary stay permit in the Czech Republic.

The university cannot help students with the visa procedure. Students can use services of specialized agencies of their choice. Relevant information is also available on the website of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mandatory registration and the Orientation Week for new students that start studying in September are always one week before the classes start.

Students admitted into the program have to participate personally in the matriculation process. Matriculation usually takes place one week before start of a semester, and before commencing studies. Students who do not undertake this process lose the right to study in the program (Section 51, Act No. 111/1998).