Courses & Study Plan

Students of the IDS Bachelor’s Degree are studying under a “B-ID” study plan and need to obtain 180 credits (ECTS) to earn their degree:

  1. 128 credits in compulsory courses (oP)

  2. 18 credits in language courses (oJP)

  3. 19 credits in faculty elective courses (oV)

  4. 9 credits in university elective courses (oV2)

  5. 3 credits by writing and defending a Bachelor’s Thesis

  6. 3 credits by taking the Final State Exam

What you will study

Course Credits
Calculus 3
Basic Microeconomics 6
Marketing and Business Policy 5
Introduction to International Studies and Diplomacy 5
Introduction to Law 6
Czech/Foreign Language 3
Course Credits
Producing Knowledge in Int. and Diplomatic Studies 5
Basic Macroeconomics 4
Principles of Management 6
Geography of the International Relations 6
Quantitative Methods 9
Czech/Foreign Language 3
Course Credits
Accounting I. 6
Culture in International Relations 3
Diplomacy and Diplomatic Protocol 6
Optional Course (Faculty level) 9
Optional Course (University level) 3
Czech/Foreign Language 3
Course Credits
Contemporary International Relations 6
International Economics 7
Law and Ethics in International Relations 6
Corporate Finance 6
Optional Courses (Faculty level) 3
Czech/Foreign Language 3
Course Credits
Informatics 3
World Economy 9
International Security Relations 6
Bachelor’s Thesis Seminar 3
Optional Course (University level) 6
Czech/Foreign Language 3
Course Credits
Theories and Methods in International Relations 6
Czech Political System in Comparative Perspective 4
Optional Course (Faculty level) 9
Bachelor State Exam 9

Bachelor State Exam

A complete list of courses is in the Study Plan below. Course syllabi can be searched in the InSIS.