PhD (three-year)

Doctoral study of International and Diplomatic Studies prepares leading experts in the field of international relations. The programme is conceived as multidisciplinary, so as to allow students to acquire comprehensive knowledge of the theory and practice of contemporary international relations.

During the study, the emphasis is put on interdisciplinary approach and development of interdisciplinary analysis. Students gain knowledge of interdisciplinary nature of the various areas of international relations (politics, economics, international law, security, culture, ecology) at both high theoretical and practical level. The problems of individual world regions as well as globalization processes are studied from the interdisciplinary perspective. Students are introduced to the principles of scientific work and concepts of scientific research, and learn the principles of scientific methodology and the ability to devise new methodological procedures. During the study, the stress is put on the development of theoretical thinking, the ability to apply general methodological principles and specific research methods in solving specific research topics. Given the character of the discipline, the focus during exploring international processes is put on the relation between theory and practice. Doctoral study graduate is prepared for research work in the field of international relations and related disciplines, for analytical and conceptual work on an expert level.

Studying in this field is intended primarily for the graduates from the fields of humanities or economics. The programme is suitable for students who are capable of abstract theoretical thinking, capable of comprehensive and systematic approach, capable of using and developing methodology of science and searching and formulating new scientific questions. Study of this field requires very good knowledge of several languages and applicant’s motivation to work in the field of science.

Doctoral study provides further professional growth to graduated experts who are interested in obtaining scientific qualification in the field of international relations or whose profession requires this qualification. The programme educates young scientists in the field of general and applied research and is designed to enhance the qualification of foreign service workers, employees of international institutions or teachers. Doctoral study graduates can succeed in scientific and academic institutions, in foreign service, as conceptual workers of international projects, as conceptual workers or expert analysts in international institutions, organizations, companies, and mass media.

Field compulsory subjects:

  • SMS966 Theoretical Rudiments of IR Discipline

Elective subjects:

Doctoral student chooses one of the two subjects on recommendation of a supervisor:

  • FIL901 Philosophy and Methodology of Science
  • MO_922 Research Methodology

Doctoral student chooses one of the three subjects on recommendation of a supervisor.

  • MIE911 Economics (Microeconomics – Macroeconomics)
  • MAE911 Economics (Macroeconomics – Microeconomics)
  • HP_911 Economics (Economic Policy)

Doctoral student chooses one of the six subjects on recommendation of a supervisor:

  • SMS901 Selected Issues of Theory and Practice of Diplomatic Service
  • SMS951 Selected Topics of Czech Foreign Policy
  • SMS960 Selected Political Problems of Developing Countries
  • SMS961 Safety Structures in Contemporary Europe
  • SMS963 Globalism and Nationalism
  • SMS965 Problems of International Security at the Beginning of 21st Century

Optional and supplementary subjects:

After discussion with their supervisor the doctoral student chooses other one through three subjects needed for the doctoral thesis (see the list of accredited subjects for doctoral study).

Foreign languages courses for doctoral study program are offered by the language departments.

PhD student performs other duties in accordance with the Study and Examination Rules and the Individual Study Plan.

In accordance with the Study and Examination Rules, PhD students also have to record in their Individual Study Plan a doctoral state examination (in the electronic information system it is referred to as the subject SDZ – Doctoral State Examination) as well as a defence of thesis (in the electronic information system it is referred to as the subject ODP – Defence of Thesis).