Bachelor’s Program

Intake with the start in September 2024 is closed. Requirements and instructions for the September 2025 intake will be listed here. Meanwhile, you can take a look at the past requirements below.

The 3-year bachelor’s degree program offers international relations courses combined with economics, law, mathematics, and statistics. In the program, we emphasize the interconnections of knowledge in political, security, cultural and other areas. Our students also graduate with extensive language skills.

For the start of the study in September 2024, please submit the e-Application by selecting “B-ID International and Diplomatic Studies. The deadline for the documents in the e-Application is 30.04.2024. The interviews (online) will be held at the beginning of May 2024.

What we will assess during the interview

  1. Motivation to study our program -> Max. 50 points (min. 25 points).

  2. English skills -> Max. 50 points (min. 25 points).


The interview determines the applicants’ motivation to study the programme, their level of English language skills and general overview of current issues in international relations.

The admission process is entirely online and doesn’t require physical attendance.

We look forward to having you as our student!

What to upload with your e-Application

  1. e-Application  (“B-ID International and Diplomatic Studies”)

  2. Passport (copy)

  3. Certificate of graduation from previous level of study – if already available, or a confirmation of current study. If your study was outside of CZ or SK, please see recognition of previous education abroad. (deadline is September 13)

  4. Pay the application fee, based on instructions received upon filling in an online e-Application.

You’re done! 🙂 Our office will review everything and invite you for the interview. Good luck!

What you will study

Course Credits
Calculus 3
Basic Microeconomics 6
Marketing and Business Policy 5
Introduction to International Studies and Diplomacy 5
Introduction to Law 6
Czech/Foreign Language 3
Course Credits
Producing Knowledge in Int. and Diplomatic Studies 5
Basic Macroeconomics 4
Principles of Management 6
Geography of the International Relations 6
Quantitative Methods 9
Czech/Foreign Language 3
Course Credits
Accounting I. 6
Culture in International Relations 3
Diplomacy and Diplomatic Protocol 6
Optional Course (Faculty level) 9
Optional Course (University level) 3
Czech/Foreign Language 3
Course Credits
Contemporary International Relations 6
International Economics 7
Law and Ethics in International Relations 6
Corporate Finance 6
Optional Courses (Faculty level) 3
Czech/Foreign Language 3
Course Credits
Informatics 3
World Economy 9
International Security Relations 6
Bachelor’s Thesis Seminar 3
Optional Course (University level) 6
Czech/Foreign Language 3
Course Credits
Theories and Methods in International Relations 6
Czech Political System in Comparative Perspective 4
Optional Course (Faculty level) 9
Bachelor State Exam 9

Bachelor State Exam

Career opportunities

  • Agents of the foreign service
  • Assistants of international departments in the field of state administration
  • Junior managers in European and international political and economic institutions and organizations
  • Managers of international projects in NGOs
  • UN agencies
  • International governments and NGOs at lower and junior management levels
  • Employees in mass media

APSIA video about the IDS program

APSIA video about the IDS program
Bachelor’s Program