2IR – Analysis of International Relations

The 2IR minor specialization takes a form of  a semester abroad at a partner university. Students do not pay extra on top of their regular tuition fee for this semester. Students also receive partial financial assistance for living expenses while at a partner university. The application process for semester abroad starts towards the end of the 1st semester of the program; students stay abroad in the 3rd semester – for the available options and the process please see here.


To graduate with the 2IR minor specialization means:

  1. To complete courses at a partner university, within the field of International Relations, corresponding to a minimum of 27 ECTS credits /until 2018, 24 credits/ –> more information on semester abroad;
  2. To complete a Research Paper – RP (different than a Master’s Thesis), agreed upon in the 2nd semester (i.e. before going abroad), in the 2SM613 – Research seminar (3 ECTS credits) –> more information on Research Seminar / Research Paper;
  3. To take the 2IR – Minor Specialization State Exam (3 ECTS credits), in the form of a defence of the Research Paper. The exam is a comprehensive assessment of the minor specialization where the RP reviews are taken into account, performance at defense, and results from the semester abroad.


Semester Courses ECTS Group
2nd (spring/summer) 2SM613 – Research Seminar 3 sV
3rd (fall/winter) Courses at a partner school abroad 27 sV
Total 30
4th (spring/summer) 2IR – Minor Specialization Final State Exam 3 sSZ