Accommodation, facilities and services

Czech language courses

Czech language courses

Knowing at least a little bit of Czech will go a long way, since you are in the Czech Republic. Contact the coordinator for more information.


Sport and workout facilities on campus and at the dormitory. You can participate in any sports upon your choosing.


VŠE guarantees a place at the university dormitory for all the international students.

Campus & Facilities

All students of VŠE obtain a student VŠE ID card which allows them to use the facilities and services offered by the university, i.e. library, canteen, computer laboratory, WiFi connection, etc.

Academic and Psychological Counseling for Students

Counseling for international students coming to study to the Czech Republic. Study abroad may be associated with problems of adaptation to a new environment, cultural adjustment or homesickness.

Career counseling

Development and counseling center. Job Fair Šance each semester. CV counseling and more.

Student activities and organizations

VŠE is also a seat of many student organizations. VŠE students can thus participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities according to their own preferences and interests.


Semester/study abroad, VŠE ambassadors, Cambridge Exams at VŠE, etc.