Final State Exams – end of 4th semester

All final state exams and a thesis defense are oral in front of a State Examination Committee. Exam period is the same for the whole VŠE and for April/May/June 2020 remains the same – academic calendar.

The deadline for submission of the master theses for defence in September 2020 is by June 26, 2020, and only in electronic form in InSIS. MT that is submitted in InSIS after this deadline is automatically regarded as being defended in January/February. For a manual how to submit the MT, please scroll down and remember that the original signature on the Author’s Declaration is replaced by action in InSIS during submission.

Info on the current online defences and state exams is here (scroll down).

Organizational Information on State Exams


How to register for State Exams in InSIS:

All final state exams are defined as extra-semestral courses. Otherwise you register for them in exactly the same manner as other regular courses.

Use your InSIS —> My Study —> Student’s Portal —> choose Registration/Enrollment —> to register:

  • group hSZ1 – MDS – Major specialization final state exam
  • group sSZ  – e.g. 2IR – Minor specialization final state exam
  • group fSZ – 2ODP Defense of the Master’s Thesis