FIR Pub Quiz

The Fir Pub Quiz has proven to be a favourite among our students and teachers. A team with IDS members has won a beautiful 2nd place!

This semester, the FIR Pub Quiz returned on the 9th of October, 2023. Our international students had the opportunity to meet their friends, classmates, programme academic directors, coordinators, and other staff.

We were delighted to welcome the FIR Dean, Mr. Josef Taušer, and VŠE Vice-Rector, Mr. Pavel Hnát, who is also a lecturer and a member of the Department of International Economic Relations at the Faculty of International Relations.

Participants from 27 countries enjoyed four rounds of trivia questions, FIR Bingo, and incredible snacks at the Umbrella Pizza Bar on our university campus.

We are thrilled to have offered such a fantastic event and connected our amazing students from around the world.

Have a look at a selection of photos from the event.