IDS Graduation Ceremony at the Faculty of International Relations

23 Jun

On Wednesday, June 23, 2021, graduations of master’s degree graduates will take place in the Vencovský Hall. The ceremony will last approximately one hour – (in Czech only).

Official start is at 11 AM, graduants to be on place 40 mins before the scheduled time.

First name Laste name Program Seat
Felix Hans Breiteneicher IDS IV/1
Alicia Alejandra Aguiar Leiva IDS IV/2
Armenuhi Brutyan IDS IV/3
Adriana Potînga IDS IV/4

Due to current measures against the spread of coronavirus, the number of graduates is limited to a maximum of four (4) guests per graduate. The guests of each graduate will be seated in a separate row so that, with the exception of people from the same household, at least one unoccupied seat will always be left between the individual participants.

Entrance to the VŠE building will be provided to graduate participants and guests 40 minutes before the start of the graduation through the gatehouse of the New Building. The condition of participation is a confirmation of the test or vaccination according to the valid regulations of the University of Economics, Prague, which will be checked at the entrance to the New Building. Guests are required to wear a respirator when staying in the VŠE building.

The graduates will arrive 40 minutes before the start of the graduation in the foyer of the Vencovského auditorium (1st floor of the NB). Graduates and guests are requested to appear in a social attire (there are no caps and gowns for graduates, only a social attire is required). The foyer is located on the 1st floor NB, near the Faculty of Finance and Accounting.

For an undisturbed course of the academic ceremony, it is the Prague University of Economics and Business policy that children under the age of 3 are not allowed in the Auditorium. Thank you for your understanding.

By participating in the VŠE graduation, you consent to the taking of photographs and audiovisual recordings of your person during the graduation and after its completion within the given day on the VŠE campus. Photographs and audiovisual recordings will be published for promotion and distribution on the school’s website.

Graduates who will not attend the graduation in person, please inform the Program Coordinator as soon as possible.

Please note the following: if you cannot be present at the ceremony itself, it is more complicated to pick up the diploma. You will need to make an appointment with the Study/Rectorate’s Office (via IDS office), not earlier than three business days after the graduation ceremony. Should it be somebody else picking up your diploma and not you personally, the person has to bring a power of attorney specifically for the diploma pick-up in Czech (power of attorney has to be worded as such), and it should be notarized (approved that it is your signature on the PoA).

The diploma will also include a transcript of records as a diploma supplement.

IDS Graduation Ceremony at the Faculty of International Relations